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Bank Accounts opening

Banking the way you like it

The opening of a Bank Account for the Company is not an easy process. All Banks operating in countries of the EU follow strict rules in complying with Anti Money Laundering Policies.

UK Companies are not legally required to open a business bank account but a bank account is of course needed to carry on business. Furthermore a UK registered company can open business accounts in other countries provided that the banking rules of that particular country can be fulfilled.

We could arrange for a UK Company to open a Bank Account in Cyprus which may be more practical and beneficial to the Company if it’s mainly trading in Euros. However if the Company requires a VAT Registration number due to its turnover a UK bank Account will be needed.

If a UK bank is needed we will assist you to open it . Bank procedures may vary and company’s requirements may vary also. The physical presence of Company officers is also something which needs to be discussed and resolved when this facility is required.



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