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The United Kingdom is known as a leading Financial Centre. It has always been an attractive destination to foreign investment and a place favourable for setting up new business or even expansion of existing foreign companies. The UK Government has a very clear vision, to make the UK the most competitive country for business in Europe. As a step in the right direction was the reduction of the Corporation Tax Rate which at present is 20%.

The legal system is widely used for international contracts and its known for its reliability and efficiency.

By selecting London as your trading base using a UK Limited Liability Company you will create more trading opportunities globally, enjoying the benefits of a reliable, stable and efficient taxation and legal framework.

  • Stable taxation system with lower tax rates
  • Reliable Banking System
  • Global trading profile
  • A more flexible VAT (Value Added Tax) system
  • Wider scope of trading activities almost without restrictions
  • No bureaucracy
  • Formation of Company in a day
  • Ability to operate branches in other countries
  • A reasonable and workable Employment Law
  • Indisputable prestige and high liquidity and expertise

London is a safe business environment with great prospects of growth, robustness and economic prosperity.

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